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Hi Nirvana, all arrived well. I tried the two honeys now. The Tualang is very pleasant and extremely refined, a treasure of honey, I am already thinking about when the snow will come and I can have breakfast with the Tualang, it will be an indescribable magic. 

I've never tried kelulut honey before, it has a very particular taste, also very interesting. 
Thank you very much and see you soon from Switzerland.

Giovanni Battista, BalestraArchitetto

A Happy Austrian

I thank you for this wonderful Honey. I got in today and the taste is unique and cannot be compared to any other honey.
I was very happy thanks.
I hope that I can also order the red or black honey.
With best wishes,

Bezzegh Ricardo 


I received my order today. Thank you so much for an excellent service and of course thank you for the beautiful honey...


United States

Very fast shipping, great packaging, tastes great, exactly what I wanted and expected. Cannot wait to reorder.

Marii Kroutilin

United States

Hi Nirwana! 
I hope all is well there. I am loving the black honey! Just a heads up... my friend Sue Willson is ordering a jar of black tualang.   She loves it! Stay well! 

Best, Mary


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