What Is Gelam Honey?

Gelam Honey

Gelam Honey, if you ask me if my absolute favourite. As soon as we harvest the honey, the smell of the gelam blooms just pleasantly released to awake your senses. Gelam Honey which is also made by Apis Dorsata is wild honey, found in gelam forest feeding from gelam nectars mostly and some wild sea apple trees grow wildly in between.

I put the honey on my face, and it does not feel sticky at all, absorbs in my skin effortlessly and I leave it on my face for hours and still enjoying the smell of the honey. Gelam honey is not really really sweet.

The sweetness is just nice and what I  love the best about it is the slight bitter and sourness as it goes down further in your throat. If you leave the honey linger in your mouth for quite a bit, you feel a certain sensation in your throat, some kind of small bite, which is nice.

Here is some information about the gelam forest which appeared in one of the news years ago. And I found interesting information on WWF MALAYSIA as well about Gelam Trees.



Our own journey to the Gelam Forest, I would say a very a breath taking one and an absolutely something to remember. It is no question how beautiful and enchanted the forest is and I am absolutely astonished to be in the midst of no where in the so beautiful and lush green trees. Of course there are some parts which is a bit swampy, nevertheless still it is a beauty!