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This specie of Trigona, GENIOTRIGONA THORACICA (GT)  is available wild in the jungle with very limited amount of honey. It is also known as carpenter bee because it is more "woody" as it always makes homes in the cavity of logs.

Often for Itama bees, which is another type of kelulut specie, the villagers will take the log homes and try to farm them around their lands. However, it is very tricky with GT because they often die if they are moved from their nature habitat and they are very hard to farm. It is not impossible, just very difficult.

GT has very high anti-oxidant, and we observed that their surrounding of nature is full of acacia mangium and Syzgium spp. Acacia mangium is Malaysia native trees and wildly grow along the sandy forest side. But our feature tree is actually Syzgium spp which also known as Pokok Kelat, has flowers which produce nectar that attract the bees to feed from, and Pokok Kelat has been researched for its benefits for people with diabetes.

This honey tastes slightly bitter, very mildly sour and with a hint of sweet takes after the nectars which they feed from. The honey is bitter due to the herb trees and plants, and Pokok Kelat, Kelat which means bitter, definitely the source of the bees food this time around. 

The amount harvested is limited.