Organic luxury wild honey & herb from the lush ancient forest

Tualang honey - winner of London International Honey Awards 2022

Tualang honey + Cumin for 6 months, bad cholesterol is down a full 50 points - Donna Kay, United States

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Magical Taste

Hi Nirvana, all arrived well. I tried the two honeys now. The tualang is very pleasant and extremely refined, a treasure of honey, I am already thinking about when the snow will come and I can have breakfast with the Tualang, it will be indescribable magic.

I' ve never tried Kelulut Honey before, it has very particular taste, also very interesting. Thank you very much and see you soon from Switzerland." - Giovanni Battista, Balestraarchitetto.

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Ancient Remedy for Ladies

Ancient Remedy for Ladies

In the old days, honey and herb was highly used in the... 

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