The Unusual Gelam

Gelam honey is a Malaysian honey from the flower of Gelam (Melaleuca cajuputi) tree that was collected and produced by Apis mellifera bees.

This honey has been proven to have high flavanoid and phenolic contents. The major phenolics contents that has been identified were ellagic, gallic, and ferulic acids. The researchers also reported that the extracted phenolic and flavanoid content from Gelam honey showed in-vitro anti-inflammatory effect and stated that Gelam honey has a potential therapeutic value in an inflammatory conditions.

Premium Quality Tualang Honey

Wangsa Rainforest Black Gold Honey produced by wild honey bees from the nectar of plants, flowers and trees originated from the 100 million years old Malaysia’s rainforest. The richness in color indicates the quality of the honey with the highest content of antioxidants comparing to other types of honey produced. The uniqueness of Black Gold Honey is due to the location where the bees built their colony on tall trees of Tualang (Koompassia Excelsa) aged more than 100 years old.

The Kelulut Supreme

This trigona bee honey comes in a packing of 300g comes in a slender glass bottle.  The natural healing power of honey has been well documented. Most accounts on honey involve honey produced by the common honeybee (Apis spp.). Honey produced by stingless bee (Trigona spp.), commonly known as 'Kelulut' in Malaysia, is also known to have medicinal values. 'Kelulut' honey is widely used and consumed by the aborigines and is believed to have better performance than honeybee honey.