We Are Normal People

Our routine probably does not require us to wake up in the morning, dress up formally, looking really smart or pretty, drive in nice cars and flow through the traffic, nevertheless we are normal people. It just that some of us climb 70 to over hundred ft tall trees for living, that's all :).

Our lives, just like the rest of the world, we wake up in the morning, and get ourselves ready, although our view may not be the same as yours. We are just surrounded by tall trees and the screaming insects, occasionally we hear sounds which we could not tell what it is or what they are, it is always a great day for us and we are ready to work.

Our team comprises of locals, there are always four of us the usual ones and sometimes more if we have much more to harvest.

Depending where do we wake up that day, we either will be swimming in the lake or splashing water in the river, cold but exciting, quiet yet daunting, because there is something about the jungle that you will never become familiar with.

And here is our story...

Our Story

Not long ago, there were two brothers born in a remote place near the jungle. Since young they were always had to brave themselves to earn a living through the skills that they learned by observing the elders. Their income depend on seasons, and skills that they have such as fishing, finding herbs, and climbing Tualang trees for honey.

In the parallel of time, there was a girl, incredibly fascinated by the way of life in nature, where she could forget the hustle and bustle of city, where she can find her quiet noise, and for the first time she can listen to herself thinking, and finally she understood what it was like to have a peace of mind.

And just like a love story - the girl and the boys met, but their love is for nature, with mutual respect for a collaboration in bringing the best harvest from the wild forest of Malaysia. Through this cooperation, they pledge to give their best of products, an honest earnings through the business, and hopefully conquer the world, oh that's probably a bit much, but was meaning to say, to explore the opportunity to introduce our finds internationally.