Kunyit Hitam [schwarzer Ingwer]

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Our black ginger also known as Kaempferia parviflora is our own grown we grow the ginger  from the wild source. 

We plant the rhizome and grow it for over 9 months to a year before we harvest and the ginger is hygienically dried using low temperature food dehydrator and the process has been kept to minimum to retain the product natural nutrient. 

Often this herbs used with honey and mixed with very little water, approximate of a quarter of a cup. 

Or without the honey, just swallow the capsule with water, that works too! 

This bottle has 40 capsules, and recommended intake in 2 capsules a day for a week. 

1 in the morning after breakfast and one few hours before bed. It can be taken before or after meal. 

Reduce the number of capsules if you experience heatiness or restlessness and change your routine to take on a day time instead before bed time.

After the one week past, keep it at one per day, and if you are on your second bottle, take it on alternate day. Our capsule is plant based gelatin capsules. This product has no fillers just 100% black ginger powder. 

[Pharmacological studies have claimed the various benefits from KP and its main effective methoxyflavones, including cellular metabolism-regulating activity, anticancer activity, vascular relaxation and cardioprotective activity, sexual enhancing activity, neuroprotective activity, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative activity, antiosteoarthritis activity, antimicroorganism activity, and transdermal permeable activity.] refer to study

We suggest that it is only taken by adults of age over 18 years and  not recommended for children and during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Keep in a closed package at room temperature, out of the reach of children.