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These collection are works of Suzi Chua to help raise funds to save the wildlife in Malaysian Tropical Rainforest.

Suzi Chua: Capturing Nature's Beauty through Wildlife Art

Suzi Chua is a well-known wildlife artist whose enthralling paintings transport visitors into the domain of nature's natural splendour. She has become a significant personality in the field of wildlife painting, acclaimed for her ability to capture the essence and spirit of numerous animal species, thanks to her amazing talent. Chua's work not only demonstrates her artistic abilities, but it also acts as an effective means of raising awareness about the need of wildlife protection.

Chua's artistic path began without a formal degree in fine arts; instead, this self-taught artist polished her technical talents and experimented with many mediums. She discovered that conveying the essence of animals through the medium of paint was her genuine calling. She skillfully draws the brilliant colours and intricate patterns using acrylics and pastels.

More about Suzi Chua, read here.

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