Kelulut Honey Is For Cancer Prevention (Chemopreventive) - EAST HONEY AND HERB ENTERPRISE

Kelulut Honey Is For Cancer Prevention (Chemopreventive)

Kelulut honey (KH) is produced by the stingless bees from Trigona species. The honey produced by this stingless bee is stored in clusters of small resin pots near their nest. Meanwhile, honey that is produced by normally found bee is stored in hexagonal-shaped combs. 

Honey from the Trigona Bees contains the highest content of Vitamin C which acts as a natural booster to the body in fighting antibody related disease such as eczema, sinus etc. The trigona bees extracted nectar from various types of flowers and fruits from its surroundings. The color is more clear than usual wild honey and sweet little sour mix. Honey has many benefits to recover a variety of chronic diseases and are very useful in medicine and health.

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