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Tongkat Ali or scientifically iondentified as Eurycoma longifolia also known as , penawar pahit, penawar bias, bedara merah, bedara putih, lempedu pahit, payong ali, tongkat baginda, muntah bumi, petala bumi and many more.

Our Tongkat Ali is carefully selected and harvested from the wild. It is very seldom for us to stumble such rare source but we manage to locate the place that they grow abundantly. 

It is powdered at slow process and encapsulated without any fillers, we only do 100% pure Tongkat Ali. This very herb is used traditionally as energy booster for men and women and it is widely used for post partum or women who has just given birth. It is also used to strengthen bones and also used for physical performance activities.

For daily intake of one capsule a day is sufficient and for women after giving birth, usually, the culture of pairing it up with black ginger is widely used in Malaysia. Another type of herbs that famously used by the Malays traditionally is Kacip Fatimah or also known labisia pumila which can be used as soon as the girl reached puberty.