Kelulut Bee Bread

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Kelulut bee bread is highly sought after for its richness in nutrient and contains good bacteria as probiotic. What known as the bee bread is actually pollens collected by the bees from the plants which the collect their honey from. During foraging, forager bees collect nectar and store it in their honey stomach while their bodies are covered in pollen dust. The bees then store the pollen inside cerumen pots where lactic acid fermentation occurs to form bee bread in their hives. 

Because of it is small humble body, kelulut bees are able to collect pollen from not commercialised but with high value fruits, tree, and ornamental plants, shrubs, epiphytes, herbs, and their small bodies enable them collecting pollen from small flowers such as Mimosa pudica.

Bee bread is rich in protein content, essential amino acids–amino acids, diverse fatty acid profiles, which provides benefits to the bee nutrition and also for human health, and high in phenolic compound which reflects on its anti-oxidant properties.