: Let The Tualang Tree be Replanted



And as today, we walk through misty nursery to check on the seedlings we planted.



Walking through this degraded forest before reaching our harvest area broke our heart because we knew it was not this way many years ago. As we go further we could see a site of land which has been cleared and just showing reddish clay dirt which was once just view of lush green and big trees.

Our meeting with Planters.Life was a coincidence but our support towards its program it is not. This is exactly what we wanted to do in the longest time, and we are happy to see people who are like minded and would like to reach the same goal as ours.

As part of our ESG, we collaborate with Forge Research & Development Centre to launch Planters to heal the deforested land and replanting trees and we are keen on the replanting Tualang Trees especially. Tualang trees have branches which are suitable for the apis dorsata to build their hanging hives and the height help to secure the hives from their enemies such as sun bears.

Our first mission is to help with the healing of the site in Kelantan, granted by HSK for Planters.Life to heal the land, and we are now looking for ways in inviting more apis dorsata to pollinate the 'new forest'.



This Planters is not just another replanting tree project but we also identify the trees individually, and store their information in the inventory to the sponsors to monitor and find more information of the trees that they adopted. This help us to monitor the health of the tree and manage the tree species and "recreate" the rainforest.