An Island of Wild Bees and Honey

After a long six years of being involved in the business of honey, I have stumbled upon many life experiences and knowledge which I thought never exist. In the beginning of my earlier years in the honey business, I depend a lot on the trustworthy acquaintance who led me to the business even further. However this year, I brave myself to go one step further, to go deeper into jungle, an Island to be precise to satisfy my hunger for knowledge and experience.

The recent trip did not disappoint me at all, in the contrary, it has brought me to a new dimension of myself and further understanding of the bees and the honey, which forever a learning process.

The Journey To The Island

We went on a fast boat, and the journey took about one hour and a half to reach our camp site where we stayed overnight.

Then next morning, we started our walk deeper into forest, climbed uphill through a rocky stream which were wonderful as we made few stops to cool ourselves with the cold water.

As soon as we reached to the site where tualang tree is at, the honey hunters set the rope up for one of them to climb by using catapult to throw the set the rope line, and prepared a coconut fibre wrapped around with some green leaves to smoke the bee out while they are cutting the comb out to get the honey. The green leaves will stop the fire from burning the coconut fibre even further, hence more smoke was produced, and ours lasted for a few hours until we harvested four honeycombs and walked back to the boat.

The harvest took about two hours to complete before we walked back to the boat.

I could not share the harvest video as it is not ready, but it will be uploaded here soon.

You can help the team who harvest this honey, in the very remote area here, and here. Your kind support will help these boys to keep sustain them in their traditional jobs.