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Tualang Honey For Bone Density And Menopause

It is common that we women (and men) talk about as we age, we lose our bone strength, density which cause discomfort and pain to our body. There are so many ways to treat this condition but the question is, which path that we would like to take.

I research through topics about bone health, as I come across customers purchased Tualang Honey due to their bone condition, I am starting to dig more how Tualang can help with this matter.

In women, bone loss progresses much more rapidly after menopause due to estrogen deficiency. One of the way used in osteoporosis treatment is calcium supplementation. Other alternative treatments use natural products such as Polyphenols in fruits and vegetables have demonstrated beneficial effects on bones. Tualang honey is a wild, multi-floral honey produced by bees (Apis dorsata) that form hives on the branches of giant trees named Tualang in the Malaysian rainforest. Tualang honey has higher phenolic content and greater radical scavenging activity compared with other honey sources. Honey contains approximately 200 substances, including a mixture of sugars (fructose, glucose, maltose, and sucrose) and small amounts of other constituents, such as minerals, proteins, vitamins, organic acids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, enzymes, and other phytochemicals.

To my delight, Tualang honey does not produce any adverse effects on body weight or food intake. Although not statistically significant, it was observed in the research that the body weight of the ovariectomized rats treated with Tualang honey was lower than that of the ovariectomized rats not given honey.

This observation, if translated to humans, indicates that tualang honey has the potential to reduce health problems related to overweight and obesity seen in the menopausal state, such as chronic osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers

Having shared this, I am would like to encourage that you will do your own reading and share your view and personal experience in treating yourself with natural method and ingredient. 


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