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If you have heard before Tualang trees, which also known as Koompasia excelsa is in the verge of extinction due to deforestation for timber. Its majestic size of a tree makes it a beautiful wood and its strength is appealing for structure building. It is one of the Dipterocarp which is now being being replanted by one of our NGO - Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre.

For more information of our tualang tree, please read it here.


In this parcel, you will receive tualang honey of 750g, in plastic bottle for convenience of shipping. If you are consuming it over than six months, we will recommend for transferring into the glass jars for better storage. 

Our tualang honey varies in the colours of from brownish to yellowish. This one taste very pleasant and it has really good taste to it. I prefer to take it on its own but some prefer on the toasts. I personally against mixing the honey in teas because you definitely want to savour the honey because bits unique taste so highly recommend to take it on its own, a spoonful of teaspoon, on empty stomach before or before bed time.