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Gelam honey is a Malaysian honey from the flower of Gelam (Melaleuca cajuputi) tree that was collected and produced by Apis Dorsata bees. Our Gelam Honey is sourced from an area in the east coast of Malaysia, where there is a 4km area of wild Gelam Forests. There is no pollution in the area because the ground is sandy and it is not a significance area for farming and such. Being close to the seaside it receives plenty of hot sun which is not suitable for many plants except the native.

Our search for gelam honey was wonderful experience and it is almost like a walk through an enchanted forest. We had a taste of the gelam, it has the Kelat (bitter taste) with sweetness. The combination of those make the honey taste special and pleasant, easy to take. As you take it you can tell that it is sourced from a unpolluted area, as the sweetness is nectar natural flavour. The honey also gives out a medium strong gelam tree smell.

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