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Manjakani (Quercus infectoria) is also known as Oak Tree, has been used traditionally in Malaysia for women after their giving birth or to help with women's discharge problem. 

Manjakani herb is quite interesting formed when the Oaktree leaves are attacked by a stinging wasp which later causes a chemical reaction and forms a round shape browning ball known as Oak Gall.

There are benefits of Manjakani which has been passed on through many generations to the women. 

The antioxidants present in Manjakani help you suppress tumor cells and decrease the rate of their growth.

Oily Skin

Sebaceous is an exocrine gland, which emits wax and oil from the skin. Excessive stimulation of Sebaceous gland can excrete too much oily content which is bad for the skin. The astringent effect of Manjakani blocks the open pores and reduces oily skin. 

Manjakani products are definitely not to be used or taken by pregnant women, and who are on their menstruation cycle.