Threats To Tualang Harvesting

For decades, many honey hunters depend on tualang harvesting as to support their livelihood. Tualang trees are tall trees which grow in the jungle, now suffer the consequences of deforestation forcing the honey hunters to go deeper into the jungle making the harvesting longer and harder.

Illegal logging and legalised development has really impacted the climates, the flora and fauna causing the bees to move away as there is decreased in their food supply and worse, caused the bees to disappear.

Many will not admit that we have less good honey available now, because it is something that nature provides, which we take for granted without realising the impact that it will cause us.

Einstein has said which I interpret as how I see it, that man will not be able to survive too long if the bees are dying, because it is clearly the indication that we will be facing a low quality food chain as bees are creatures who choose their food critically. With the lack source of flora which it used to be, we will lose our bees.

Save the forest, save the bees.