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We now have a temporary package of 500g bottles of Tualang and Kelulut in one package as we received many enquiries to have the honey in medium size.

This offer only is for short time. Grab yours now.

We are currently bottling the honey, and the delivery will start on Wednesday, 1 July 2020.

This Package includes:

1. 450g of Kelulut Honey

This specie of Trigona, GENIOTRIGONA THORACICA (GT)  is available wild in the jungle with very limited amount of honey. It is also known as carpenter bee because it is more "woody" as it always makes homes in the cavity of logs.


This honey tastes slightly bitter, very mildly sour and with a hint of sweet takes after the nectars which they feed from. The honey is bitter due to the herb trees and plants, and Pokok Kelat, Kelat which means bitter, definitely the source of the bees food this time around. 

The amount harvested is limited.

2. 500g of Tualang Honey

Tualang are the tall trees and can grow up to 85 metres tall. Tualang bees also known as Apis Dorsata or The Giant Bees makes honey on the branches of Tualang trees (Koompasia excelsa). They are wild bees (not from farm bee).

Watch our video: https://youtu.be/s_FCIdepJCg

Our Tualang Honey is absolute delicious and nutritious. We offers high export quality of Tualang, which packaged under stringent control and certified by HACCP, Halal, Mesti and GMP. We have exported to Brunei, SIngapore, China, Middle East, Germany and US.

Tualang is known for its medicinal healing and breakthrough scientific research for cancer prevention. Treat osteoporosis, osteopenia and menopausal symptoms. Our Tualang is raw, unprocessed and export quality.

Research info: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2949736/

3. 500g of Gelam Honey

This is a special honey, limited production by Apis Dorsata, the giant bees. It is harvested in the east coast of Malaysia, remote and undeveloped area of Gelam Forest. Gelam only blooms once a year between July/August.

It has been research that Gelam Honey is highly effective wound dressing, anti bacterial, and some other disease treatment.

For more information on Gelam, please refer to the link here: