XMAS Kelulut Trigona Bee Honey 4 Gift Bottles

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Kelulut bees are the smallest bees and are more of a ‘house bee’. The Malays considered these small bees have more medicinal powers. For centuries honey is known to be the enemy of diseases. It is used as anti-ageing, it is able to give pleasure and enhance libido, enhancing immune system, kills bacteria, use in the treatment of bronchial catarrh, sore throat, coughs and colds.

There is a special Malay recipe for treatment of asthma using egg, lime juice and honey. Honey is also restorative after serious illness. It is used in the preparation of the famous Traditional Malay herbal remedy ubat periuk. In addition honey is said to sooth pain, acts as antiseptic, hastens healing and is effective in curing burns, carbuncle, boils and diabetic wound. It is done by mixing honey with kapur sireh or selected herbal plants. Honey comb is known to cure diabetic wound.