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Both Hemp Hearts & Hemp Protein are natural, 100% organic plant based protein, contain 20 different amino acids, fibre and omegas which extracts from the plant Hemp. Hemp was one of the oldest source of fibre which dated 50,000 years ago.

1 X HEMP HEARTS/SEEDS 500 grams 

The protein in hemp seeds is made up of the two types of proteins, edestin and albumin, and also rich in the essential amino acids. Hemp protein has been identified as the best source of protein by USFDA and Food Agriculture Organization (WHO).

Hemp seeds contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the right ratio according to the humans need. Hemp Seeds are vital for energy production, healthy skin, mental health and immune function. It contains absorbable amino acids and easy to digest.

1 X HEMP PROTEIN 1000 grams
Hemp protein contains all 9 essential amino acids including Edestin and Albumin, the same protein the body uses for its immune system. It is low in sugar, high in fibre and easily digested without effect on kidney like whey protein.