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This is a special offer because many has been curious about the taste of our honey. For limited time only, we are offering:

2 x 90g Black Tualang - harvested by our Pahang Team which covers the area of Pahang until Riau, along the Melaka Straits border of Malaysia/Indonesia deep rainforest jungle. The taste is not overly sweet and is extremely delicious for your morning breakfast and spread or just taken on its own. Better, put it in your tea and start your day with the best feeling ever.

2 x 90g Gelam - harvested by our favourite team along the North Peninsular Malaysia, between the line of Thai/Malaysia. This is my absolute favourite and I can never get enough of it. Definitely a must have since the harvest is limited and it just comes once or twice in a year depending how many gelam blooming that year. This honey, I can just take it spoonful on its own and never get tired of it.

2 x 90g Kelulut - Our one and only man of stingless bee honey. He harvest kelulut from various areas himself in the area of east coast of Malaysia.  If you have not tasted kelulut before, this honey will surprise and gives you the taste of honey which you never have before.

Our honey is the best of quality and nicely packaged in dark glass bottles. Suitable for gifts or as door gifts for special occasion. In this gift box, there will be our best collection of honey as introduction to our products.

This three types of honey are carefully selected and promise to surprise you with their taste and deliciousness. Come in many colours however, the surprise is always pleasant.