Why Our Tualang Honey?

Our tualang honey originates from over 100 million years old rainforest of Malaysia. It is made by the giant bees, Apis Dorsata, build their beehives on Tualang trees which are about 250 meters tall. Tualang honey has been the underdog for some years and has recently shown its superiority under the microscope, proving itself as to have amazing properties for health benefits.

Tualang trees are native to the Malaysian jungle and though it may be unfamiliar in the west, it has a long history of traditional use in Southeast Asia for a variety of health purposes.

Our company has been around since 2012, we have been doing this business with sustainability and accountability. Our honey is now is available in Singapore, Germany and in the near future, America.

We look forward to working with representatives or stockist from all over the world to distribute the goodness of tualang to reach those who need it.

Tualang Honey Malaysia