Our Story


Let us introduce you to our team and a little bit about ourselves.

East Honey & Herb is a collaborative effort of three sisters, started as experimental business in bringing local honey to another level. The effort was inspired by Dr Makhdzir Mardan in highlighting  the threats of honey hunting in Malaysia for the hunters, the disappearance of bees affecting food chain and climates, and Einstein forewarned, "If the bee disappeared from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.”

Since our inception in 2012, we have received overwhelmibf response from many customers mainly US, Europe, UK, South Korea and Canada through online marketplace. Our customers are mainly who are in need of natural supplement for diseases such as cancer, osteopenia, as preventative and lifestyle. Our advantage is the world is now facing shortage of pure natural honey and tualang and gelam honey is widely known for its extensive scientific research.

How Do We Ensure Our Quality?

We have built rapport and long term relationship with our honey hunters and go to expedition to ensure that we have the best of quality. Besides that we have also equipped ourselves with knowledge through reading, information sharing with fellow honey hunters, laboratory tests and of course tests on ourselves.

In preparing for expansion, we are now in contact with local scientist for information, knowledge and advice as far as future collaboration in scientific mixture of honey and herb to become remedy.

Despite growth in sales, our drive to do the business due to the hopes of many farmers, honey hunters who count on us to create fair trade and continuous stable income for the villagers. Their commitment has kept us going because though this business is not glamorous, it is the sweetest among all. 

Our Honey

Our collection is carefully selected mainly from virgin forest of Pahang, in the east coast near the National Park area. Our team have to walk far deep, about 5km into the jungle in obtaining the honey.

As we grow, we add more selection of medicinal honey which were researched for their benefits and superiority on their properties.



Collaborate With Us!

If you have the same passion and willing to work as hard as us, we invite you to collaborate with us. We accept wholesale order, and if you require further information, please contact us: info@medicinaltualang.com or +60102405669

We aim to provide you our best quality products and services and we hope to establish future business friendship with you.

Yours sincerely,