Our Story

Hello! Warm Greetings from Malaysia.

It has been a long and great journey for us to be here. As we were born when internet was a myth, the fact that we are able to be online is an achievement for ourselves.

We started this adventure of honey and herb since 2012 and we have learnt so much about this business and enjoying the process. We are eager to learn more as we believe there are more for us to know in the knowledge of the products and the business process.

Our Honey

Our collection is carefully selected mainly from virgin forest of Pahang, in the east coast near the National Park area. Our team have to walk far deep, about 5km into the jungle in obtaining the honey.

As we grow, we add more selection of medicinal honey which were researched for their benefits and superiority on their properties.

Our Collaboration 

In making sure that we can deliver quality and provide more information to our customers, we found Dr Nazir Hussain while he was finding good honey and herb as part of his research. Amazed by the quality of our tualang has drawn us to create a collaborative effort to provide better services and product in natural and alternative treatment and prevention for many diseases and better quality of life.


We accept wholesale order, and if you require further information, please contact us: info@medicinaltualang.com or +60102405669

We aim to provide you our best quality products and services and we hope to establish future business friendship with you.

Yours sincerely,

Nirwana Tuan Sariff