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Our organic Lakadong Turmeric is extremely useful to be taken in cooking or taken as drink. It is originally from Lakadong, India has been widely used in traditional home remedies and for immune system booster. Our Turmeric has a powerful compound called curcumin which its levels above 5%, whereas most Turmeric range from 2-3%.

Personally,  in the morning is the best time to take the honey with turmeric, on empty stomach as it clears out your throat and it will be better to add the crushed black peppers which help to wake you up. Black pepper also helps the curcumin absorption in your body better, and curcumin is good for anti inflammatory purposes.

My first impression of Lakadong Turmeric, is first the powerful turmeric smells, almost like herbs cross tumeric, and then wow! its orang-ish colour unlike the yellow turmeric which I have always seen normally . I remember when I was younger my mum marinated our own caught fish with such brilliant colour orange of turmeric. It is really brought me to the memory when we all have natural source of food and enjoy life! 

I like my turmeric with Gelam Honey because the mixture of mild sweet and herb-ish turmeric seems to blend well to my liking, but I guess it is up to individual preference. Don't forget to add black pepper, it will help your body to absorb the benefits of the nutrition better. Anyway, some people have this concoction to be mixed raw eggs. I used to have that after I gave birth to my children, in every after child labour, and supposedly to give you energy and help to heal faster. I never really looked into that one up. It is just one of tradition which I followed.