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We have received many emails which mentioned curiosity  of the taste of these two honey; kelulut and tualang.

1. 325g of Kelulut Honey

Fresh honey of Kelulut just harvested and my oh my the taste is like you have never tasted before. It is light in colour almost and you can smell the pollen and resins that infused the honey in the pods. 

More information on kelulut honey is here.

 2. 325g of Tualang Honey

If you have heard before Tualang trees, which also known as Koompasia excelsa is in the verge of extinction due to deforestation for timber. Its majestic size of a tree makes it a beautiful wood and its strength is appealing for structure building. It is one of the Dipterocarp which is now being being replanted by one of our NGO - Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre.

For more information of our tualang tree, please read it here.

In this package, we offer you our black tualang which receives many compliment from our customers. Obviously they are liking the taste and the texture of the honey and suggested their friends to purchase from us. 

So we take this opportunity to introduce the black tualang to the honey enthusiasts, so they can enjoy one of the best tasting honey among the tualang.

3. 325g of Gelam Honey

Gelam honey is made by Apis Dorsata, the same type of bee which makes Tualang honey. However, these bees migrate to Gelam Forests after a certain time when there is less bloom in the jungle of Tualang and other dipterocarps.

I have a long story of my expedition of harvesting gelam and I have put most of the story here. Gelam is lighter in colour when it is in the beginning of the season and to gets darker yellow to brownish yellow as the season finishing.

3. 325g of Tualang Flower Honey

 In the recent week, Tualang tree itself has made it flowers and cover its tree with its blooms on the branches with no leaves at all. From afar you can see the yellow colour  on the majestic tree.

Below is the picture of when the blooms crack open and on the other side is normally when we harvest the honey without the bloom. This spectacular view now stuck in our mind and the beauty we can never forget.