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We have received many emails which mentioned curiosity  of the taste of these two honey; kelulut and tualang.

1. 325g of Kelulut Honey

Our honey this time around is made by Trigona Itama can make some limited amount of honey. Trigona Itama is a stingless bee which originally make cavities in the logs to make their hives.



 Tha taste of the honey is sour and sometimes "salty" as you cannot really filter its pollen out of the honey. You will always see some sediment floating on the top of honey layer and that's the accumulated pollen which is very fine and could not be filter out at even 0.2 nm filter.

2. 325g of Tualang Honey

If you have heard before Tualang trees, which also known as Koompasia excelsa is in the verge of extinction due to deforestation for timber. Its majestic size of a tree makes it a beautiful wood and its strength is appealing for structure building. It is one of the Dipterocarp which is now being being replanted by one of our NGO - Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre.

For more information of our tualang tree, please read it here.

In this package, we offer you our black tualang which receives many compliment from our customers. Obviously they are liking the taste and the texture of the honey and suggested their friends to purchase from us. 

So we take this opportunity to introduce the black tualang to the honey enthusiasts, so they can enjoy one of the best tasting honey among the tualang.