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As our BROWN TUALANG HONEY is no longer in stock, we now offer you YELLOW TUALANG HONEY packaged with BLACK TUALANG HONEY. Yellow Tualang honey is currently being bottled, therefore order for this pacakage will be shipped starting 17th November.

In this package, we offer you:

1. 750g of Black Tualang

This year we offer you black tualang which harvested deep in the jungle of Sumatra, brought by our team in Pahang. This is absolute favourite for some people because of its unusual taste, which is surprisingly not sweet like other honey. It is very creamy and feedbacks which am getting that it is best taken in the morning with bread. 

Helene from Germany said:

" The tualang honey has finally arrived and we have tasted the different kinds. They are very good, especially the black tualang - very tasteful and rich!

I am pleased to hear that they are liking the taste of black tualang honey, but I will be bias, Gelam Honey is still the best in its taste. 


2. 750g of Yellow Tualang

Yellow Tualang is mostly harvested in the deep jungle and is not always available. As for now, most of customers in Malaysia is in favour of Yellow compared to black. I have yet to receive from you to rate the taste of the yellow one.

Personally I love Yellow Tualang because it has all the taste, sour, sweet in the right balance. It is the taste that you will remember and really good on its own. I would recommend that the black tualang in the morning and take the yellow later in the evening.


750g of Red Tualang

This is my favourite too and has been popular among our regulars. We harvest it in the East Coast of Malaysia, and Giovanni in Switzerland thinks:

"The Tualang is very pleasant and extremely refined, a treasure of honey, I am already thinking about when the snow will come and I can have breakfast with the Tualang, it will be an indescribable magic. "

Giovanni also purchased our kelulut and he thinks the honey is special because kelulut offers you a taste of surprise, sour not quite sweet, and wonderful dessert as Chef Project Aliquot suggested.