We are open

We are open

We always operate online anyway...

Our business has always been online because that's the only platform which works for us now. We would like to start pop ups in certain countries once we are able to do it and we are initiating projects to contribute to the replanting trees in the forest.

No doubt that now time is hard and we have to stop harvest a couple weeks ago due to the pandemic, nevertheless we have limited stock until we can go to harvest again. Our government has instructed MCO - Movement Control Order in Malaysia to be extended to 15 April instead of ending today. But we fully support our government's effort to reduce the spread of the virus and take control of everyone's safety and health.

Currently, all parcels will be picked up from our home address due to the lock down but DHL is always good and efficient with its service. So we are quite happy to continue our operation knowing that we have strong and reliable shipping support.

On that note, we are happily to announce that you can find more information about us which written in German at this online magazine. Helene Walterskirchen from Schlossrudolfs Hausen has been very nice to us and supportive in our effort to create awareness of our work through Europe and internationally.

In the near future it will be nice if we can be at your countries physically and meet in person. Till then, let's be safe at our comfortable home.

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