Tualang & Gelam Honey Delivery To Worldwide

I have compiled information through trial and error, customers, and certainly Pos Malaysia, and I have come up with this write up to help you understand the process of how your honey is delivered from our point to your door step.

Upon order, we will immediately work on your parcel, wrapped in brown box and getting it ready to be shipped. Due to the consistent amount of order, we are now have the parcels sent systematically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and certain Saturdays.

Once we have shipped, we will send you pictures of your parcel with the barcode to help you track your parcel here: Pos Malaysia.

You can see the progress of your parcel like below:

Tracking Your Honey Delivery

However, for certain countries like US & Canada, we need to contact their delivery service companies to get this progress report.

After 15 days, if your parcel has not arrived, please email us, so we can get in touch with our postal service to liaise with the your local post for updates. Below is the form that we will complete to request parcel search. Pos Malaysia has been quick with their response, however replies in our language which we will explain to you.

Sometimes the delivery takes longer than 15 days due to Public Holidays and Customs Clearance. Your parcel is very unlikely to be lost because it is tracked with the barcode.

In fact, if you are not home, you will receive a card to say that you must go to your local post to collect your parcel, because this item needs receiver details.

So, should you have any query about the delayed package, email us at: info@medicinaltualang.com and we will help to trace your parcel.

Hope this post helps. Look forward to deliver to you.

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