Gelam Honey Is Almost Out.

Gelam Honey Is Almost Out.

September is now here and most of our medicinal honey approaching the end of its season. We have managed to secure stocks for our tualang as we have projected the demand and its growth for years.

However, the increase in demand for Gelam is sudden and overwhelming and we are not ready with the stocks to keep up with the request this year.

So please email us before placing your order for the gelam below as we have very low stock for this and we can no longer harvest this year. However, if you don't see this notice and have placed order, we will refund you, if the stock is out.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we have another type of gelam and will try to stock that one up before September ends.


p/s: We will do our best to stock up this more next year. 

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